Preconstruction Services

By having a Construction Manager/General Contractor on the team during the pre-construction planning phase, the architect can fully focus on design, while the contractor utilizes their expertise to ensure successful construction procurement through proper pre-construction planning.

  • Complete design services for design-build projects.
  • Assisting the architect with design support and analysis.
  • Finalizing or establishing a working budget and providing cost controls.
  • Reviewing project constructability and making recommendations.
  • Establishing a site logistic plan.
  • Assisting with value optimization to obtain the best value for the money.
  • Conducting life-cycle costing to compare initial investment costs with long-term maintenance costs.
  • Identifying long-lead items and resources that require early award to shorten the project schedule.
  • Continuously developing and fine-tuning the project schedule to ensure a prompt completion.
  • Developing a pre-approved subcontractor list.
  • Creating pre-construction contract agreements.
  • Preparing subcontractor scopes and contracts.
  • Preparing a preliminary purchase and delivery log.
  • Preparing a preliminary shop drawing register.
  • Conducting meetings with building inspectors to initiate the permit process early.
  • Establishing general conditions and negotiating and finalizing fee structure.

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