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Auburn is a leading provider of design-build solutions, catering to clients who require streamlined project delivery and cost savings. Our comprehensive approach allows us to take full responsibility for the design and construction process, ensuring maximum efficiency and accountability from start to finish.

Instead of the traditional approach of awarding separate contracts for design and construction, our design-build construction delivery method brings together contractors, designers, subcontractors, and owners to work collaboratively as a unified team.

We offer scalable solutions to meet the specific needs of your project, whether it’s full-scale design-build or simplified design assistance. Our aim is to expedite project delivery while optimizing cost savings for our clients.

A critical component of our success is assembling a multi-disciplinary team tailored to your project’s unique demands. We leverage our extensive relationships with architects and engineers to build a team that is perfectly suited to deliver the highest quality results.

The design-build process is widely recognized as an effective approach to commercial construction projects. By involving designers during the planning stage, we can offer innovative solutions, while providing the building team with the foresight needed to ensure success. This approach typically results in higher quality buildings compared to traditional methods and minimizes interference from third parties such as architects or engineers once work has commenced on-site.

When you work with Auburn, you will have a dedicated point of contact to ensure that project goals are met and on track. Our team of professionals works in close coordination with the design-build contractor, who manages their team of designers and subcontractors. This collaborative effort ensures that your expectations are not only met but exceeded.

By partnering with Auburn, you can expect the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and budget accuracy for your project.

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