Construction Management

Auburns leverages our multidisciplinary team from the outset of every project. With an approach that is highly collaborative, we partner with our clients to create a process that encourages innovative thinking and achieves results.

Our commitment to comprehensive planning, along with rigorous cost and schedule control yields results that fulfill your vision. We provide seamless transitions and effective communication through every phase of your project and have developed proven protocols and processes to ensure desired outcomes.

The planning and execution of every project we manage, despite its complexity, is a true measure of the partnership we build with every client.

Auburn is very experienced in the following markets… commercial, health care, science and technology, corporate, academic and institutional projects, including the complex challenges of renovation in occupied space.

In addition, construction management, Auburn has self-performing capabilities.

The general contractor project delivery method has its advantages. Working directly for an owner or owners project management firm, a GC can provide expert experience in a sub sector(medical, retail, restaurant etc.) with a market which has actual cost saving by self-preforming verse going the sub market.

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