John Ballas

Vice President | Project Executive

“Quality is what we pursue and do, what we build matters.”

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As a key member of our leadership team, John brings with him a wealth of experience in construction spanning over eighteen years. He has contributed successfully to projects across diverse industries such as education, banking, food service, hospitality, corporate, and healthcare. During this time, he has established himself as a creative, resourceful, and committed building partner that can be depended on to bring a variety of project types to fruition.

In his role, John is responsible for managing pre-construction planning, logistics, budgeting, subcontracting, staffing, safety, and crucial project milestones. From start to finish, he upholds the highest standards and possesses unparalleled skills to ensure projects are delivered with excellence. He recognizes the significance of meticulous planning, efficient project management, effective communication, proactive foresight, and adept problem-solving are necessary to guarantee exceptional project outcomes.

Furthermore, as the Vice President/ Project Executive at Auburn Construction, John leads by example, inspiring and guiding his team to achieve exceptional results. His experience as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps has honed his ability to cultivate strong relationships and build cohesive teams. John prioritizes and nurtures these connections, understanding that they are fundamental drivers of success in the construction industry.

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