David Kelliher


Dave possesses an impressive track record of 35 years in the construction industry.

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Since taking over Auburn Construction in 2009, he has built a sterling reputation within the industry. Auburn Construction has been a family business since 1963, passed down from David’s uncles before him.

David’s journey began while studying at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, where he simultaneously worked as a carpenter for his Auburn. Seeking to broaden his expertise, he joined Modern Continental Construction for several years, honing his project management skills. In 1995, he returned to Auburn Construction, continuing to steer the proud family enterprise.

Today, Auburn stands as one of the preeminent contracting firms in the area, specializing in the corporate, healthcare, life sciences and technology, and retail sectors. David attributes the exceptional execution of projects to his dedicated team—a blend of seasoned Auburn veterans and strategic new additions.
David is committed to ensuring the utmost satisfaction of Auburn Construction’s clients by maintaining meticulous planning and controlling costs and schedules rigorously. The Auburn team handles all phases of a project, from conceptual and fixed price estimating to value management, life-cycle cost projections, and pre-purchase options. During construction, the team manages every aspect, including prompt procurement, shop drawings, budget control, safety, quality control, and project closeout

Testifying to their performance, an impressive 90% of Auburn Construction’s work comes from repeat clients and client referrals. The company’s proud reputation is built on consistently surpassing expectations.

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